Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tender Moment

Today was my last Sunday in the Canterbury ward, and I was sad to have to say goodbye. In sacrament meeting Esther Potter came to sit with me and play with her sticker book, but halfway through the meeting she asked me to tickle her back and arms. So of course I did. It ended up with her laying down on my lap while I scratched her back. A few minutes later I thought she had fallen asleep, but then she started tickling/scratching my leg. Once I felt that I looked down, and she was looking up at me with the biggest grin. I giggled and she simply said "It looked sore." Man I love that girl.

And then after church Craig Potter, Esther's dad, said something really sweet. He told me he thought that Esther was a little version of me, and so in a sense the Potter family would never be able to forget me. I smiled and agreed because little Esther reminds me a lot of myself, and if she's anything like me I know she will be addicted to people tickling/scratching her back.

Esther May Potter... you rock!

PS... I won't be blogging on this particular blog anymore unless I get together with my pilgrims. But you can follow me on to keep up to date.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Tilly vs. Peter Rabbit

An horrendous crime has occurred at Pilgrims.

On the 4th of August one TILLY PLUNKETT viciously murdered an innocent rabbit. And then brought the corpse to me. I would normally believe that Tilly would be incapable of doing such a thing, but she did it right in front of me!

The Defendant

The Victim

And now I don't know what to think about my lovely Tilly!?!?! I'm shocked, traumatized, and really grossed out. I couldn't even dispose of the poor bunny. Stacey had to do it for me after her 7 hours on a train.

I just thought this event needed to be documented.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

And then there was one...

On Tuesday my Annieface flew home. It was such a hard moment to say goodbye to yet another best friend and family member. I wanted Annie to realize how much she means to me, and what an impact she has had on my life.

Annie is such a great roomie. She is a daily example to me of diligence and dedication. Annie is steady and strong and constant. She is practical, and has a different view point that has helped me in many instances.

Annie has a great sense of humor and a great love of many of the things I hold dear. She is a great person to watch movies with, to take a walk with, to participate in theatre together, and to have gospel discussions. Annie is a talented artist in every sense of that word. Annie is also an incredible cook. She has a love and a speciality in cakes and baking! Annie is a woman of many hats, and I feel so grateful that I get to see so many of those skills.

One thing you may not know is that Annie is a bear! She loves her sleep, and at times you may think she is hibernating... especially in the winter. We would joke that at 8 it was Annie's bed time. That was a bit extreme, but she usually was in bed by 9. She also does an awesome bear run. =)

Another fun bit of interesting news about Annie is that she attacks vegetables like a dinosaur. She loves her fresh vegetables and fruits. And she chews powerfully, to a point where I worry it could be painful. She really chews with vigor.

Annie also has a powerful testimony of the gospel, and I got to see her faithfully fulfilling her calling, and helping out in the ward wherever she was needed. She lives the gospel faithfully, and she has a strong grasp of the doctrines, and the scriptures. She is a strong and steady member who strengthens all those around her. She really is a blessing to those who get to know her.

Annieface I love and miss you and want you to know how dear and loved you are to me! I cannot wait for our next adventures!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

For the Love of the Thorsons

It finally hit me today that Jesse and Kathleen really are gone from England. When they left yesterday Annie and I just kept saying how it felt like they were just gone on one of their little breaks. And since realizing that they have moved on, I felt the need to write a blog post all about how fantastic I think they are.

Along with that I have made a few collages of some of my favorite pictures of the two of them. They really are a photogenic lot. =)

Over a year ago we all decided to try and go to grad school in England, not really knowing what kind of adventures we were setting ourselves up for, but really it was one of the best decisions I have made.

And every step of the way has really been an adventure and loads of laughs. They really have become a part of my family, and I am sad that our Pilgrims adventure has come to an end.

There are so many things that I have learned from each of them. Kathleen has a heart that knows no bounds. She loves with her whole heart to all those she comes in contact with. She shows her love and affection to all around her. She cares, she listens, she's thoughtful, she looks for ways to serve, and she puts the needs of others ahead of her own. She is made to be a mother.

Jesse is the perfect big brother. He knows when to listen, when to support, and when to annoy. He is protective, and caring. He is the perfect Irn-Bru drinking buddy. He will give counsel when he feels it is needed. He will walk to train stations late at night to make sure you arrive home safely. He honors his priesthood, and he is a great friend. Jesse loves to learn and loves to start new hobbies. He is also one for adventures.

And I have also learned a lot from them as a couple. In my life I have been blessed to see a few couples that truly seem to be a perfect fit. Now I know that that isn't entirely possible, but Jesse and Kathleen seem to be as close as can possibly be.

They truly listen to one another, they compromise, they respect, they pray together, they read the scriptures together. They have family home evening together. They make time for one another, and most importantly they truly love one another.

I think one of the great joys in life is friendship. Real friends make all the difference in the world.

To all those who read the pilgrims blog you know what I'm talking about. Jesse and Kathleen have probably touched your life in one way or another... because they truly are that awesome.

To Jesse and Kathleen, it has been such a joy to live near you for these past months. You have taught me much, given me much, and truly made yourself a real part of my heart and my family!

I can't wait for our next adventures!

PS I hope this doesn't seem like too much of a eulogy... that was not my intention. But funnily enough it seems like one.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Adios, Bart.

Our sweet landlords, the Plunketts, have been so good to us. We've had many a cozy supper at their house, including a memorable and wonderful Christmas. Tonight we were invited for one last hurrah, and it was delicious and entertaining as usual. And since we're leaving tomorrow, Annie made a beautiful carrot cake for my birthday.

Stephen stoops to get to everything.

He stoops to see under the umbrella.

Emma is just all around lovely.

And Cocoa is getting so big! Oh but what a wonderful dog she is. So laid back. Then Jesse and I went on our favorite walk to say goodbye to Chilham. What a year it's been. Jesse and I are off Medford, Oregon, where we hope to finally put down some roots. We will have a joyous reunion with Jud, our frumpy, dumpy Basset Hound, and Molly, our sneaky Dachshund. And, you know, our families, etc.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

For Now

Well friends, sorry for the break the in blog (sounds like a Bones episode, huh Sarah?), but I'm afraid things are happening too fast. At the moment--and this is just an excuse--my computer with all our recent pictures is in a coma. But I promise, I will post about our adventures with Jesse's Dad and Tara wherein we traveled to France, Yorkshire, Scotland, and the Lake District. But for now, let me just describe what the last couple days have been like for Jesse and me. After Jesse's family left, I looked around in an oh-no-only-one-week-left kind of daze. Pretty sure Jesse actually found me in the bathroom clipping my fingernails and toenails down to nubs with a glazed look in my eyes mumbling something about a certain tree I haven't gotten to see yet. I just can't believe we're leaving. Jesse and I dragged out our suitcases and duffel bags, two of which were too badly mangled from the trip here to use again. Since then, we've found a replacement and are about halfway packed. And of course, we've managed to find time to watch a little Star Trek Next Gen, take a few naps, stalk pictures of friends' new babies on Facebook, apply for a couple jobs online, and are looking forward to having dinner with a couple of our good friends. That's all for now folks.